From: Commander
To: All NavySVA-DoFL Department and Island Executive Committee Members
Subj: Island Deactivation
Reference: (a) NavySVA-DoFL Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules & Appendixes adopted April 2014, Article IX Dissolution, C-901, Page C-4. 
The following procedures are provided for Deactivating an Island: 
In an effort to assist all Islands the “Standard Operating Procedures” should be followed in the event an Island declares to be deactivated.  
A. Responsibilities of Island Leadership: See Item (1) below. 
B. Decision to Deactivate: See Item (2) below. 
C. Procedure for Distributing assets of the Island: See Item (3) below.
D. Transfer of Island Members, both annual and Life: See item (4) below. 
E. Disposition of Property: See Item (5) below
F. Disposition of property where there is no Leadership: See Item (6) below.
G. Island X-(numerical designation): See item (7) below. 
1. The Leadership of the Island, whether it is the Commander, Secretary or Treasurer 
  is assigned the duty to take care of the Transfer of their Island Membership. 
2. Reference (a) States: 
  a. Article IX, Dissolution, C-9.01: NavySVA DoFL may be dissolved by a referendum
  of two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Department of Florida (DoFL). The
  method of dividing the assets shall be as provided in the NavySVA National By-Laws being Article X, 
  Financial. Page 1
3. At the meeting where the vote to deactivate is approved the membership should
  decide how the assets are to be distributed making sure there are NO outstanding
  debts and any specific items of the Island cared for, i.e. Firearms utilized in rendering
  Military salutes or honors at funerals, parades, etc. Some preferred donation 
  possibilities of the NavySVA are: 
  a. SEABEE Memorial Scholarship Association (SMSA), the Fallen SEABEE 
  Scholarship Fund (FSSF), the SEABEE Monument in every National Cemetery 
  program or the DoFL Treasury.  
4. Before an Island can be deactivated ALL members, Annual and Life shall be
  transferred to either an Island close to their address of record or an Island of their 
  a. This means one of the Elected Officers must supply each member with a transfer
  Form, available on line from the DoFL Secretary and prepare it in its entirety. 
  b. If the member cannot be reached, an Island Officer shall make the Transfer in 
  the best interest of the member. 
5. After all transfers of the membership are properly recorded the Island shall
  immediately cease operation and shall turn over to the NavySVA National or 
  Department having jurisdiction thereof, it’s Charter and all Island property, real and 
  a. The Department Commander or his/her authorized representative is empowered to take possession,
  custody, and control all records, property, and remaining assets of the said Island, provided 
  however, that nothing herein shall be construed as requiring any Department to take and assume 
  any financial responsibility of such property. . 
  6. In the event an Island has ceased to function, due to lack of leadership, to perform 
  duties to transfer the Island’s membership, It shall be the duty of the NSVA-DoFL
  Secretary to make all necessary Transfers and to take possession of all property and 
  assets. Disposition of assets shall be determined at the next NavySVA DoFL General 
  Membership meeting (Convention). Page 2 
7. The Island’s X-designation shall be kept on file inactive in the event the Island may
  be reactivated in the future. 

  Carl Barrett 6 November 2014  


 (a) References: Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc., National Headquarters Ritual and Procedures manual, Installation Ceremony, “Swearing in Document, Item 3, page 38, revised and approved August 2013.
(b) Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc., Department of Florida Constitution, By-Laws, Standing Rules & Appendixes, adopted 2014, Article VIII Elections, Terms of Office, Duties of Officers & Executive Committee, By-Law pages B-5 through B-8. 
References (a) & (b) specifically outlines the duties of every “sworn-in” DOFL Officer. 
The duties of the DOFL Commander B-8.03 states “The NSVA DOFL Commander shall:
1.Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee (Mid-Year), General Meeting (DOFL Convention) and any “Special Meetings” to preserve order and to confirm that the respective duties of all Officers and Committees have been carried out;
2. Appoint and outline the duties of the Chaplain, Master-At-Arms and any other Officers authorized by the members of the Executive Committee;
3.Become familiar with the contents of both the NavySVA Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules, the National Rituals and Procedures Manual and the Department of Florida Constitution, By-Laws and Standing Rules and the Department of Florida’s Standard Operating Procedures in their entireties;

4. Assist the NSVA-DOFL Secretary in finalizing the agenda for all meetings; 

5.Carry out other duties as may be assigned by the NSVA National Executive Committee in accordance with the NSVA National Constitution and as approved by the General Membership. 
The Commander’s responsibility cannot be taken lightly. His/her responsibilities require that the Commander consider the duties and functions of the Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Inc. and its subordinate unit, the Department of Florida, before any other organizations. 

The responsibility for the management of the NSVA-DOFL rests completely with the Commander. 

26 December 2014 Carl Barrett, DOFL Commander