Island X-16 at Pearl Harbor Remembrance 
Video of Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11, 2014
X-16 meets at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce located at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL 33573
@2:00 pm -? On the first Saturday of each month!!!
Island X-16 Commander: Jim Wilt
(813-767-4814 |

February 2015

Commander's Corner
On March 7th. We had a very interesting meeting. We discussed a number of issues such as the picnic on March 28, Fun-Fest in Sun City, but most of all the presentation of medals to our three outstanding World War II veterans of our Island. This should be a great day for them as well as all of us who will be there with our support to them. Please try and make this gathering.

Bernie and I attended Island 11 meeting on March, 11th in Tampa. Their report stated that everything was moving along well for the upcoming conference to be held in Largo in April. Was good fun attending their meeting as always? 
As said before we hope the Seabee statue will be completed and mounted on the trailer by end of March. Been long and hard work trying to complete this project. The worker Bees knows that when completed it will be a great addition to our Island and will get our group out there in the community for all to see. Many thanks go from me to all that has worked on this or supported with donations to make this happen.
Have a safe and wonderful month and hope to see everyone at the events or meeting in the future.

Thank you all again for your support.
Yours in Service
Commander Island X-16
Jim Wilt

To all who read this Email, Island X-16 is looking for support to place a Seabee in the Veterans Memorial Park mounted on a pole so all Seabees and all Veterans and there families will know who Seabees are and what we do. Hope you can take the time out to not only read this but to bring this up with your membership for approval your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated and a reply also to us ASAP. Thank You in advance Seabees "We Build" '"We Fight" " We Can Do" 
Secretary/Editor Island X-16 SCC Fl Frank J Stulic Jr.  
Officers Listing:
Commander: James Wilt
  Vice Cmdr.: Bernie Hogan
  Treasurer: Barnett Alpert
  Secretary: Frank J Stulic Jr
  Secretary Assist. Beverly Beard
  Chaplain: Hilrie Kemp Jr. 
E.I.C.: Frank J. Stulic Jr.
Editor: Frank J. Stulic III

Monthly Minutes
March 7, 2015 Island X-16 Minutes

Meeting called to attention by Comm. Wilt at 2:00 p.m.
Prayer given by Everett Michaels, Pledge of Allegiance 
Introduction of guest Ernie Nelson
Cmdr. Wilt read Preamble
Minutes read by Sec. Stulic- approved 
Treas. Report read by Alpert, read and approved 
Sec. Report given by Sec. Stulic, death of Wanda Felton 100 years young, pearl harbor survivor, forms to be filled out (DOFL) convention Largo -24,25,26 of April, Register for 69th con. Sept 2015 Branson, MO,
March 28th picnic Ft. Meade X-2, HCC Olympics- Ruskin Campus- Donations Needed, Fun Fest Mar. 21, Table Set up, May 2nd, Parade Vietnam Memorial- Inverness, Talking about putting an ad in program for Largo con.- ad for Walker as thanks, ¼ page and Island X-16 full page, Gulfport Convention end of April SVA Island X-1, Ceremony for April meeting food –sandwiches, cake, drinks ordered at SAM’s, need decorations plus food cloths, (2 tables) cups Table Cloths, and napkins, come early – 12:00 p.m. noon –set-up read and approved,
Prayer closes meeting
Meeting Adjourned at 3:45 p.m.
Assistant Recording Secretary 
Beverly Beard

Chaplain's Corner  
Chaplain: Hilrie Kemp Jr.
Phone (813)368-3787

U.S. Navy Seabee Prayer
Lord, Stand Beside the men who build, and give them courage, strength and skill. O grant them the peace of heart and mind, and comfort loved ones left behind. Lord, hear our prayer for all Seabees, where’er they be on land or sea. 
​Say Prayers for the fallen, They are the true hero’s, Who keep our country free.

Say Prayers for the fallen, they are the true hero’s, who keep our country free.
Preamble to the Constitution
We the Veterans of the Civil Engineering Corps of the United Sates Navy who have honorably served our country during time of war, recognizing that service to God and Country is the foundation on which our nation was founded, do hereby rededicate ourselves to that service and further pledge our lives and actions to preserve the fundamental ideals of American Government which we believe are Justice, Freedom, and Equality for All 

Secretary's Corner
Good Morning Seabees & Honeybees

To all Seabees and Honeybees

 And      Reminder for Ceremony on April 4, 2015 at 2:00p.m. Chamber Of commerce 
When    1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center FL, 33573
              To Honor 3 WWII Seabee Veterans of Island X-16. 
Menu     Island X-16 will provide food and beverage, cake and coffee, will be served after ceremony. 

If you misplaced your invitation there is still time to contact me by phone (813)-672-4388 or Email me at and I will add you to the list. Looking to have a good turnout for this event. Please arrive by 2:00p.m. So we can start about 2:30p.m. Thanks to all who are attending. Copy of invitation enclosed in the newsletter. Have a great can do day and looking forward to seeing you all there 

Have a CAN DO Day. 
Island X-16 Secretary 
Frank J Stulic Jr.

Editor's Notes

To all who receive this newsletter, please respond in a timely fashion so I know for sure you are receiving this newsletter. ( reply ASAP)

We are SEABEES, 
WE BUILD, WE FIGHT, and most of all, we CAN DO.
Island X-16
E.I.C. Frank J Stulic Jr.
Jr. Editor Frank J Stulic III

Important VA Websites

Community News
Also please visit the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce website at to view their events if you are interested to go to them.  
  Fun Fest Saturday, March 21 2015 9:00A.M. To 2:00 P.M.
  Check out this link: for Island X-16 and other Island information for all Seabee information.
  Check out the BIVOUAC Veteran’s News, Inc. our flyer is in it for everyone to see.
 Look for our flyer on the Chamber Roster.

Donations of $10.00 will advertise in our newsletter your business size card only for 12 months; Donations will help us to help Veterans. Thank You

Upcoming Events

Fun Fest Saturday March 21, 2015 from 9 a.m.- 2p.m. on N Pebble Beach Boulevard, Sun City Center, FL
​NSVA DOFL 44th convention Largo FL on April 24, 25, 26, 2015
To all VETERANS ORGANIZATIONS and fellow Seabees I am writing this letter to ask you what you would say if you were told that you could not have some type of Memorial Placed in a Veterans Memorial Park. We as SEABEES, Island X-16 SCC FL, are in the process of building a Memorial of a SEABEE our Mascot which was first built back in 1942 at the beginning of WWII and has been with us till this day. The Bee is being built by a Chief Master Welder, myself and others, all materials were either donated by various companies or bought by us with No COST to the COUNTY or STATE or the PARK. The BEE is almost completed but because of a technicality in a master plan we were DENIED to place it in the park. Apparently a Veteran would have had to be born and raised in Hillsborough County in order to place any type of object there. We feel as though we are being DISCRIMATED against and a feeling of PRESITGEST exists. SEABEES are VETERANS and a VETERAN is a VETERAN no matter were he or she was BORN and Raised, we all fought together in the wars and we should have the right to place this BEE in the park for all to see, there are many of you who have served with SEABEE UNITS, whether you were ARMY,MARINES,AIRFORCE, SEABEES WERE RIGHT THERE ALONG SIDE YOU FOR THE DURATION. I would like to ask for your SUPPORT by REQUESTING you to send a list of names from your Members and ORGANIZATION to agree with us to have this SEABEE Placed in the VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK and MUSEUM in Tampa. Your support would be appreciated very much. This Park should be opened to all VETERANS of any BRANCH male or female who served in any war at any time not just a chosen few. This Bee should be placed without any hesitation to Symbolize our place in the U.S. Military. Attached are some photos of the Bee being built other photos will follow when completed. Please take the time out at your next meeting and make a list of names if you agree with us your help and support would be appreciated very much. I know for a fact Seabees have been around since 1942 WWII to present day, but almost every day someone always ask me by looking at my cap wanting to know who and what are Seabees, I explain to them and this is one of the biggest reasons for having this BEE built, so people will know who we are and what SEABEES have done, theirs a long History behind us to describe, so if your a Seabee or served with a Seabee outfit give us your support and gratitude with dew respect to Honor all Veterans. Its time the Master Plan was changed to support all Veterans no matter were you were born or raised, or were you came from, A VETERAN IS A VETERAN NO MATTER WHAT.
I Thank You, Our Island Thanks You, and I certainly know all Seabees will thank you, this is VETERANS HELPING VETERANS to reach a Goal we rightfully deserve.
Please reply to this email or send letter to NavySVA Island X-16 S. Hillsborough, Fl P.O. Box 38 Riverview Fl, 33568
Secretary/Editor: Island X-16 SCC FL, Frank J Stulic Jr.

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